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May 22, 2017

Hi everyone, this is Nate Pfaff and for the past few months, my team and I have been working on a new project called the Brooklyn Made Real Estate Show, a podcast about New York City Real Estate and the professionals behind the scenes that make the New York market the most dynamic in the world. Our podcast provides a library of real estate information that can help you make better decisions, and avoid making the big blunders. It also provides a platform to connect people interested real estate to the professionals that make the market possible.

On the show, I talk to attorneys, bankers, developers, architects, artists, interior designers - anyone connected to the real estate market with value to share.


You'll get interesting stories...

Daniel Gershburg

Tony Castoro


You'll get valuable insights...

Kenneth Volandes

Daniel Gershburg

Andrew Ayers


And why New York City Real Estate is worth getting to know...

Jennifer Levy

Kenneth Volandes


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The first episode comes out on June 6th and you can subscribe right now.