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Brooklyn Made is brought to you by a team of local Brooklynites who are incredibly passionate about this exciting NYC borough.

Some of us were born here, some of us just fell in love with it, and haven’t been able to drag ourselves away. We’re so grateful for all of the local artists, business owners, builders, workers, and visitors who make Brooklyn what it is. That includes you too.

The Brooklyn Made blog and podcast is our way of giving back. It’s our way to honor and help local businesses and entrepreneurs, and to help newcomers in exploring all the exciting places to go, shop, and call home.

Our in-house production team is made up of a group of local experts from The Ratner Team. We are local real estate specialists who live, breathe, and love all things Brooklyn. We know the neighborhoods, artists, shopkeepers, and parks. Each month we feature new ones on our blog.

So, keep checking out our podcast and blog updates, and let us know anyone or place you think we should include to make this even more valuable…






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