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Aug 15, 2017

Interview with Anthony Grevtsov

Hosted by Nate Pfaff 

Anthony Grevtsov was raised in Brooklyn and co-founded European Kitchen Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. His company handles all aspects of the kitchen renovation, from design to installation. They help clients through the decision-making process when buying a new kitchen or renovating an old one. Unlike many renovation companies, European Kitchen values sticking to a schedule and honoring time commitments as a top priority.

Anthony says that minimal and modern designs are most in demand right now, with black, white, and grey as the most popular colors currently used for kitchens. The kitchen is the center of the home and where the family often comes together to spend time, laugh and conversate, and eat food, so Anthony puts high value in the design and ambiance of a kitchen.  


[1:32-1:56] Intro: Anthony Grevtsov was raised in Brooklyn. He’s co-founder of European Kitchen Center in Greenpoint, Brookyln which was started a little over a decade ago. The company handles all aspects of kitchen renovation.

[1:56-2:20] Where did you grow up? Although I'm from Russia, I grew up in Brooklyn, NYC and I'm still living here up to date. I have always enjoyed what it has to offer including incredible parks, restaurants, and local shops.

[2:20-2:47] How did you get into the kitchen design business? From an early age, I enjoyed cooking with my family and spent quite a lot of time in the kitchen. I believe the kitchen is heart of the home for many people and it should be showcased. I began this business when my entrepreneurial spirit and love of cooking propelled me to kitchen designing.

[2:47-3:15] Did you start your business or did you team up with someone else to take charge of the business? I teamed up my partner 12 years ago and we’ve been doing great so far.

[3:15-3:40] Why did you choose Greenpoint? To me, the Greenpoint area represents a transforming area that embodies the Brooklyn spirit. Local shops, fine dining, and real estate development is emerging in Greenpoint. It's going through a modernization phase where you can find a lot of architects and designers working on the idea to improve the neighborhood with creative design buildings and projects.

[3:40-3:59] Which area of Brooklyn is most in demand for your products and services right now? Right now, Park Slope, Williamsburg, and Bed Stuy is where we get our business, and we hope to bring our product to Greenpoint.

[3:59-4:30] What styles are popular right now? This is dependent on the customer, but statistics show that people prefer a minimal, contemporary design even though transitional style is getting a substantial market share. We teach our customers to choose a functional and proper applicable kitchen that would work according to their needs.

[4:30-4:58] What are the specific traits of a modern design? A modern kitchen design often has an appealing, clean look and we use materials that would create a contrast in the space.

[4:58-5:32] Which colors are customers more drawn to? The mainstream colors are black, white, grey, and in some cases we combine colors to create a specific design look for our customers. These created looks create a contrasting, stylish look for the whole kitchen space in general.

[5:32-5:45] Which European style is currently most fashionable? It's hard to say. There are tons of companies working with European manufacturers. For us, we deal primarily with Italian companies.

[5:45-6:38] In what ways does your company help people save time and money in renovating their kitchen? We play a huge role in making a kitchen efficient and attractive. We design the entire area from start to finish and work on literally every detail to get a professional final look.

Our company provides all aspects of a renovation. We provide design, we give our expertise, we educate the customer, and lastly we do the installation for them. We’re also very accurate and precious with time and that helps us continue the project without any delays.

[6:38-6:50] So you handle the process from start to finish? Yes. We complete the whole project from A to Z.

[6:50-7:13] How many people work in your company? We have 3 designers that work in our office at Greenpoint, a construction team that’s always installing cabinetry, and we have a marketing team which I act as the director of sales.

[7:13-7:36] What’s the most popular brand of kitchen appliances right now? Again, this is a really personally matter, but the statistics show that our customers mainly use Themador. I don't want to criticize or appraise any other brands, though.

[7:36-8:00] What type of finishes are people really liking these days? The fashion shifts all the time but people tend to stay with wood vinyl’s of different colors from white to black. The color depends on the area in general. If you have a dark space, we’d use the light colors and vice versa.

[8:00-8:49] What role do you play in helping guide people to make the right decision? We are very specific on helping people make decision on what finishes and appliances to purchase. I’d advice anyone looking to design their kitchen to hire a professional who would save them money and time with their immense knowledge in the industry.

[8:49-9:21] Why do you recommend purchasing European Kitchen? European kitchen, in regard to price and quality, balances out to the point where you would get a perfect, clean European look for a competitive price.

[9:21-10:06] Do you have a favorite area of Brooklyn you hang out? I hang out in Greenpoint but one of my favorite points is in Williamsburg. I enjoy the restaurants, and all types of shows.

[10:06-10:33] What professional advice would you give to the you of 10 years ago? I think keeping in touch with your customers and having referrals is the best thing any business would want. It's important to have a great network of customers who are happy with your work and are willing to refer you to their family and friends.

[10:33-10:48] What advice would you give someone looking to renovate their kitchen? Hire a professional. This saves you money and they use their knowledge to the fullest.

[10:48-11:42] How does your company avoid or deal with delays? Like I said, we have a constructor’s team that works for us. We make sure everything goes on time and every delivery and planned work is done at a certain time. We value time therefore, we split up the process as much as we can.

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[12:50-13:25] Obviously, styles of home and kitchen designs are constantly changing. How do you keep up to date in your field? We participate in different architectural and product shows in Italy and New York. We meet and consult with the manufacturers for any changes and we’re always on top of our game in our industry. It's important for us to update our knowledge and expertise.


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