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Aug 29, 2017

Interview with Maurice Frumkin

Hosted by Nate Pfaff

Maurice Frumkin owns NYC Admissions Solutions. He attended business school, was an independent school admissions officer for several schools, and was at the department of education for 5 years, where he was involved in all areas of running the admissions process. He started NYC Admissions Solutions to help individual families get into the schools of their choosing.

In the interview, he outlines the admissions process that NYC schools go through in admitting students and how families can best position themselves to get into their desired school. He recommends reading Launching a Leadership Revolution by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.


[1:32-2:04] Intro; We are joined by Maurice Frumkin. He is owner of New York City admissions solutions. He started his business in order to help families through the very complicated process of getting admissions into schools in New York. Maurice attended business school, and was an independent schools admission officer for several different schools. He was at the department of education for 5 years where he was involved in all areas of running the admissions process.

[2:04-2:59] Tell us about yourself and what you specialize in?

My Company focuses on helping families and schools across the city navigate the school admission process with a particular focus on middle and high school admissions.

[2:59-3:32] Is your work primarily focused in Brooklyn or is it spread through the whole city? It is spread throughout the city. However, for a variety of reasons, majority of my businesses tend to come from families in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Recently I started working with families in Queens.

[3:32-4:34] What are the most important qualities one must have in order to be successful in your profession? First is credibility and trustworthiness. The person needs to have experience and know what they are talking about and give the families accurate and trustworthy information.

[4:34 -6:38] If a family lives somewhere that is zoned to go to a particular school, is it guaranteed a spot in the school? The city developed a choice process some years ago where families can choose from school throughout the city and decide which one best fits for them. This was after they didn’t want to force people into going into schools in their zones. However, you are guaranteed a spot if you choose it somewhere in your applications.

[6:38-7:42] What kind of process does the school go through in order to select those who they are going to admit into their schools?

It involves a variety of the schools admissions methods. That is, the way that you are evaluated. Depending on the school, they might be looking for an interview or a writing supple or showing up unknown at a house and in other cases just putting it on the application will do it. So depending on the admissions method program that’s going to determine what they are looking for and how selective the school might be.

[7:42-8:51] What schools in Brooklyn have the longest waiting list and are the hardest to get into? Some of the more popular school are hard to get into especially because of demand and selectivity. This includes schools like the specialized high schools for example Brooklyn state, Brooklyn Latin, Leon Goldstein among others.

[8:51- 10:35] What are the most important things that parents should know about getting their children into a public schools? In New York City, there are a lot of schools to select from so they have the opportunity to shop around and to decide what works for them and their child. Most importantly, have some type of plan. It’s unlikely that you will accomplish anything in a short amount of time so it is advisable to have a consistent approach over time. Start early, have a plan, understand what to do with the help of experts and counselors such as myself.  

[10:35-13:39] What is the best way to find out about a school tour in your district and what are the most important questions that you would recommend parents to ask the school while they are on the tour? Use the school website. Also check with the schools by calling, checking their websites, or book marking their websites.

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[14:28-16:28] If schools improve in the neighborhood, does it lead to a spike in real estate values in that neighborhood and vice versa? It is tough to quantify since it can take a number of years for a school to evolve itself. So even if afterwards real estate prices in the neighborhood may increase, it will still be after a couple of years. Although it is true to say that improved schools can cause a spike in real estate values.

[16:28- 17:53] How long have you lived in Brooklyn and what’s your favorite area there? I’ve lived in Brooklyn for about 10 years and my favorite area is Quantel, because it feels like a real neighborhood to me as compared to where I used to live in Manhattan.

[17:53-18:39] Do you have any favorite cafes and restaurants in Brooklyn? I am a pizza lover so I go to a place called Emily’s. They serve the best pizzas.

[18:39-19:46] From which areas of Brooklyn are you getting the most business? I get calls from all areas of Brooklyn but mostly Williamsburg.

[19:46-20:55] What advice would you give to someone looking for a school consultant? Find someone with experience and one that is trustworthy. Someone who knows what they are talking about and has credibility. It is equally important to choose the right fit in terms of style and personality. Choose someone whom you and your children can get along with easily. That will lead to more effective results and better communication.


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