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Sep 12, 2017

Interview with Dmitry Gutman

Hosted by Nate Pfaff

Dmitry Gutman was born in Moscow and has lived in Brooklyn for the past 17 years. He is the CEO of a
title insurance company E-Title Direct. He was in the mortgage business for 18 years and made the shift
to the title business 4 years ago. His company removes all the junk fees associated with purchasing title
insurance and in the process educates and saves his customers money.


[1:32-2:01] Intro: Today we are joined by Dmitry Gutman. He is the CEO of the Title Insurance Company E-title direct. He was born in Moscow and has lived in Brooklyn for the past 17 years. He was in the mortgage business for 18 years and then shifted to the title business 4 years ago. His company specializes in removing the junk fees associated with purchasing title insurance, helping his customers to save money and giving them quality options to purchase title insurance.

[2.01- 2:51] Can you tell us about yourself and what you specialize in? I specialize in title insurance. I’ve been a specialist for the past 4years. I did mortgages for past 18 years for various mortgage share brokers and bankers.

[2:51- 3:24] How did you get into the title insurance business? A good friend of mine who owned a title insurance company for the past 12 years thought it would be a great idea for me to join the company and that it could be a game changer for me to become partners with him in the title insurance company. I said yes to the opportunity because I always like challenges.

[3:24-4:02] Why does someone need title insurance? When someone purchases a property they need protection against forgery and fraud and any missing arrears to show the property is clear of any type of violations judgements. This is also to make sure the future buyer will get a clean and good sale and this will ensure that there is nothing that can affect the buyer after the deal closes.

[4:02-4:49] How does title insurance protect the buyer and specifically what is the process? Title insurance protects the buyer. The day of the closing we issue through our underwriters. The day of the closing, an underwriter will issue a policy which protects the buyer to make sure there is no fraud and to make sure the deed has been exchanged properly.

[4:49- 6:20] What kind of options do people have when it comes to title insurance? Title insurance is shoppable in terms of a lot of title companies charge fees such as search fees, abstract fees or municipality fees. The only thing that’s standard and regulated by the state is the fee policy and mortgage policy fees which is based from how much they are going to borrow from the bank. For us, we don’t charge any of these fees commonly known as junk fees .We remove them from the caliber hence absorbing them and not passing them to the buyer. Title insurance is shoppable just like life and health insurances.

[6:20- 7:12] Is it good to have big underwriter? Absolutely. The reason being, in case there is a claim of something missing , big underwriters will pay the claim without a problem since they have big and healthy budgets whereas the small underwriters have small budgets thus may go out of business .

[7:12- 8:13] What’s the most unique or challenging job you’ve done in the past few years? The unique one is joining a new industry which is Title Insurance, since I had done mortgages for 18years, and became successful in it. My challenge always is educating the consumer and the realtor that the insurance is shoppable.

[8:13- 8:43] What have you found to be the most effective way in which you can educate people that title insurance is shoppable? Organically, using social media. This is through educational videos that we have on my website going over what is title insurance, when and why you need it, and also educating the consumer and the realtor that title insurance is shoppable.

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[9:31-9:38] Where in Brooklyn do you live? I live in Sheepshead Bay in the southern heart of Brooklyn.

[9:38- 10:20] What’s your favorite part of Brooklyn and why? I love the whole entire of Brooklyn. I like the Northern part since it’s very diverse such Williamsburg, Brooklyn heights - they are upcoming areas - and I love Sheepshead Bay because it’s close to the water.

[10:20-10:51] What’s your favorite restaurant in Brooklyn? I have a lot, they are too many mention though if I was to mention one it would be Maggie’s, a Russian cuisine.

[10:51 -11:38] What’s one of the biggest ways Brooklyn has changed over the past decade or two? There are a lot of new condos developing projects emerging in the last 10 -15years and people are buying them like hot cakes.

[11:38- 12:20] Which neighborhoods are giving you the most business? I am so much diversified over Brooklyn therefore I get calls in Sheepshead Bay in the southern part of Brooklyn, Williamsburg among others. This areas became very desirable although not as desirable as Manhattan. I think downtown Brooklyn has become the new Manhattan.

[12:20 -13:00] Downtown Brooklyn has become the new Manhattan .When can you say this shift really began? The last five years.

[13:00-13:41] If you were to buy property in Brooklyn as personal investment where would your focus your search? The southern region since there are coastern restaurants, it’s close to the beach, and everything is 5 minutes way such a taxis, or Uber.

[13:41- 14:23] So do you think that South Brooklyn has a big appreciation potential over the next 10 years? I will definitely say so and hopefully towards areas like Marine Park which is a prominent single family residence and I think those are the areas that will soon be coming up into the market.

[14:23-14:34] If you could speak to the You of ten years ago, what professional advice would you give yourself? I would advise myself to invest in good location.

[14:34- 14:52] What advice would you give to a person looking for a title investment company? I would advise that one should do their homework, explore social media, google title insurance, don’t be afraid. and shop for a title insurance company on your own.

[14:52 -15:40] What do you feel is the most valuable thing that you will bring to the table in terms of services to your consumers? I will provide to them my best knowledge with expertise and my quick response time. My service is impeccant since I strive on service and transparency. Also I give quotes on my website.


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