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Nov 22, 2017

Interview with Barbara Biziou

Hosted by Suzanne Lynn

Places collect energy – in the same way, that your clothes and hair get dirty.  Just as you need to do the laundry and shower daily, spaces also need to be cleansed. This is especially important when you want to transform your life in a BIG way.

I believe that everything is alive, filled with spirit. Everything has an energetic field. It just so happens that quantum physics also agrees with me. There has been a multitude of research studies, which support that everything in our physical world is actually vibrating energy. Whenever I clear and bless a client’s space, I’m actually literally revitalizing and re-charging the energy in the atmosphere.  I love to help harmonize my clients’ spaces so that they can bring in more joy and prosperity.  Space Clearings and Space Blessings are especially important to do after a breakup or divorce, so as to clear the space thereby allowing in new energy.

Barbara is the author of the Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals and she has been featured in The New York TimesChicago Tribune and She has also appeared on television shows on CBSNBCFXand the Hallmark Channel. Biziou’s weekly newsletter currently reaches thousands of people and she contributes to Huffington PostMind Body GreenRewireme, and What Now, What Next.


[1:31-2:06] Intro: Barbara Biziou has a spiritual calling. She clears rooms and helps people live life to the fullest potential.

[2:06-3:44] How did you get involved with practical spirituality and ritual cleansing? I'm a Sagittarian so I love travelling and I was also a seeker. But through a tragedy that happened in my life, I started to look for answers. I started discovering spiritual practices that people do around the world and through that I discovered these rituals and ceremonies that almost every culture around the world does, which is space clearing and blessing. This can be anything from blessing a business to a home to a Broadway show. I realized this was missing in the western culture and I started researching on it. I then integrated it into my business and practical life.

[3:44-4:20] To Americans, this is abnormal compared to what you’ve seen around the world. If you ask anybody’s great grandmother, they’ll tell you they did space clearing rituals which involved brooms, oils, and salts.

[4:20-5:20] What does a ritual look like? Spiritual cleaning goes on the premise that we are all connected and we’re all energies. Quantum physics also proves this. This means that any time we’re in a space, we have energy experience in that space. It could be happiness, sadness, or anger. And just as we pick dirt on clothes and hair, we pick energy from spaces. It is therefore essential to clear out energies from spaces we plan to live in.

[5:20-6:23] What does it look like when you enter into a room when doing a clearing? There are two ways. If you're trained, you learned to sense what places are holding stuck energy. For an average person, you might walk in to a place and immediately feel good or bad. A spiritual cleanser breaks up stuck energies and then raise the vibration to make it more in harmony and balance with what you want.

[6:23-8:26] Is this done with sense and sounds? Yes. The best ritual involves all your 5 senses. The smell sense is one of the most important to the brain and it boosts your energy and immune system when you smell something good. Citrus smells boosts your energy. Traditionally, people used sage, frankincense, and copal although they set up the fire alarms. Now, I make a line of aromatherapy sprays.

For sounds, traditionally, bells, clapping, chanting, and sometimes drums, were used to break up energy.

[8:26-9:33] Is there a difference between older and modern buildings with how you clear energy? Yes. Older buildings have more people who have lived there and unless people have been clearing the energy, it's going to be heavier with time.

[9:33-10:41] What are some of the fun results that you’ve had? Simple things like clearing a space and having it sell. I also do a lot of space clearing when people have changes in their lives. For example, when someone goes through a divorce, we clear the space to relieve the old person’s energy. New businesses, and Broadway shows are also part of my job. These are just some of my success stories.

[10:41-11:23] Are you high in demand? More and more people are understanding this now and it's more accepted just like yoga is. When I first started this, I had a non-disclosure clause but now as soon as I do it, they’re hashtagging us on Instagram.

[11:23-12:11] Stay in touch with the podcast by subscribing to the mailing list. Text Brooklyn to 66866.

[12:11-14:31] Since not everyone can hire you, are there tips to perform cleansing on our own? Absolutely. On my website, I have simple tips and videos and weekly offerings where I show people how to do it themselves. The simplest thing is to make a connection to the space. Ask permission to be there and ask the spirit of the land to cocreate a safe, happy, and wonderful space. After this, walk around with space clearing sprays such as lemon in water, sage, copal, and clap very hard around the corners. This will do a light cleaning and start opening it up.

I also create little altars where I light candles and put a crystal or it could be anything that you like that makes you feel happy, and dedicate the space to whatever it is you want. Whether it's the right person to come live there if you're selling it, or whatever you want if you're moving in.

[14:31-16:04] What’s the difference between your two books? The Joy of Ritual is more of an overview. It's like a spiritual cookbook of ‘this is how you do it, here are some of the ingredients’. I also give real life stories with this.

For The Joy of Family Rituals, I show how to do this with your children. Children love doing this kind of stuff and they really understand it.

[16:04-16:37] Is it possible for you to do this on Zoom or Skype? Absolutely. With these apps, it's great that I can see and can tune in and give suggestions on what people do.

[16:37-17:14] You're so much involved in a career world. How does spiritual cleansing and career combine? The good thing is I can bring both of them together. When I'm in the career world, I'm either helping people jumpstart their careers and get clearer or I'm going to corporations and I'm talking about women’s leadership and emotional intelligence. This brings in meditation, spirituality, but it grounds it into practical reality.

[17:14-19:03] What would you say if you met someone and they told you that their life is in chaos? I just did a video called email appnia which says so many people today when sending texts, answering calls, or sending emails don't breathe. When you don't breathe you aggravate your stress response in your body.

If you're in chaos, you need to stop and take a deep breath or do some technique to get yourself grounded. Usually, when someone is in chaos, their life is clattered. Whether it’s physical or emotional clatter.

[19:03-19:42] Are there teams of spiritual people that we can reach out to in our area? In most areas, you might want to look for a good Feng Shui person because a lot of them do space clearing. Hay House has a lot of good spiritual teachers and also The Shift Network has a lot of courses that they do. In my weekly newsletter, I always do recommendations for my community.

[19:42-19:57] Is what you're doing part of Feng Shui? It's tied to it but I'm not a trained Feng Shui practitioner. In my 30 years’ experience, I've learned to incorporate some Feng Shui techniques.

[19:57-22:53] What is the difference? Space clearing is part of Feng Shui but Feng Shui could also tell you the best colors to put where you would like to move furniture. Feng Shui practitioners help you make energy flow.

[22:53-23:21] There are a lot of spaces we don't think we should cleanse. - Right. I did a space clearing for a car for the Car Show in Java Center New York. Some people get new boats and they do ceremonies. People do this all the time.


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