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Jul 25, 2017

Interview With Tony Castoro

Hosted By Nate Pfaff

Tony Castoro is the owner of Gotham CIty Home Inspection. He’s been in the business for over 8 years and is well known throughout Brooklyn for providing a highly competent and honest service. He’s a native New Yorker, growing up in Bensonhurst, and has seen the city undergo a massive transformation.

He got into the home inspection business when his son was buying a house and hired a home inspector who was unable to clearly communicate what he found in the inspection. He asked his father to inspect the house to cover the missing pieces and after Tony went through the house and issued an informal report, his son said he was much better than the professional inspector he hired and he should get into the inspection business. Many years later, he wishes his son had bought that house sooner. Tony highly recommends the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


[1:32-1:54] Intro: Tony Castoro is the owner of Gotham City Home Inspection. He’s been in the business for over 8 years and is well known throughout Brooklyn for providing a highly competent home inspection service. He’s a native New Yorker, growing up in Bensonhurst. 

[1:54-2:17] Can you tell us about yourself and what you specialize in? I am the owner of the Gotham city home inspection which is a small company with two inspectors and we specialize in home and termite inspection for anticipated purchases.

[2:17-3:13] How did you get into the home inspection business? My son was purchasing a house and had a home inspection done. He received a complicated report and since I had knowledge in buildings he asked me to review it for him. We went back to the realtor and I explained the report and at the end, the realtor said I should become a home inspector since I could explain to people and they could understand. A year later, I become a licensed home inspector.

[3:13-3:52] Is it a difficult process to become a licensed home inspector? You’re licensed by the state and you have to attend classes from classes with a licensed instructor then you go out into to the field and do an inspection.

[3:52-4:22] What are the two most important traits of a home inspector? First, is the knowledge of the systems of a home. Second is to be experienced but the most important of all is to be a good listener. It’s paramount to pay attention to the needs and questions of the buyer.

[4:22- 6:52] What are the most unique or challenging inspections that you’ve done in the past few years? The challenging inspection was one that we went to Brooklyn and we went down to the settlement and found that it was covered with sewerage. At first, I was about to give up on the inspection but then decided to go on with it since the buyers were really interested in the property. The unique one was also in Brooklyn and the home was kind of like a dungeon with the chains, whips video camera. It was really unusual.

[6:52-7:18] What is your favorite area in Brooklyn? My favorite area in Brooklyn has to be Bed Stuy. I love the architecture of the Brownstones.  

[7:18-7:42] Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area? Not really. I dine with my family so we usually don’t eat out that much.

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[8:30- 9:14] What are some of the biggest ways New York City has changed over the past decade? The face of the city has changed since there is more population. There is a revival going on as far as the real estate is concerned since a younger and more educated group is coming in and taking care of homes thus changing the face of communities.

[9:14- 10:00] Which neighborhood in Brooklyn did you grow up in and has it changed in a specific way that stands out to you? I grew up in Bensonhurst and it has changed in that growing up it was a Jewish and Italian area but now there are influxes of Russians and eastern Europeans and Asians. It has become more populated due to the construction of extra condos.

[10:00-10:44] Where is the hottest part for you in terms of most activities? Apart from the staples of Park Slope and Bushwick to name a few, I have started to see construction going away from Manhattan like areas of Cypress Hill and East New York which are potential upcoming areas.

[10:44-11:10] What professional advice would you give to you 10 years ago? My son should have bought that house earlier.

[11:10-11:51] What have you learned from the cycles in your business? The economy plays a lot with the way our business is profitable or not, but marketing helps to constantly put your name out there. It takes extra effort and more work, though.

[11:51-12:22] What is your favorite mode of advertising? We do everything from online advertising, sending emails to realtors and also direct marketing to buyers through our offices.

[12:22-12:41] How would you advise a person looking for a home inspector? Find someone who is knowledgeable and has good reviews. Also ask around from your friends and realtors.


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