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May 18, 2019

The before-and-after are unbelievable, we usually do about five sessions on, at times it depends on how much that you have, what areas are we focusing on and so forth, but the result has been absolutely tremendous. Again a technology from Europe, that just came out to the market in 2015.

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[00:01:46.23] Well hello, I am Suzanne Lynn, I'm the host of the Brooklyn made show and today well we have such a unique business and special lady heading it up. We're going to be talking with Marie from the Nordic Edge and for many of us this concept of cryotherapy is like some futuristic stuff, but Marie's going to share about the amazing health benefits of cryotherapy, and getting your body into temperatures twice as cold as the coldest month in Antarctica. So if I've got your attention now, let's jump in and meet Marie. Marie you're the owner of Nordic edge, first of all before we dive into this, tell us what is Nordic edge?

[00:02:24.27] Sure, so Nordic edge is a modern Wellness Center, we are primarily known for cryotherapy which is delivery of extremely cold temperatures for array of different health benefits. But we also have other therapies halo therapy; compression therapy, infrared sauna and we sell a slew of CBD products, so we like to consider ourselves innovative and modern and health benefits that we offer. 

[00:02:57.14] So when you talk about these different CBD, is it mostly about relaxation and tension release or is there weight loss included and firming up, what are some of the benefits of this?

[00:03:11.03] So every service has a different main benefit to it, whole body cryotherapy is extremely beneficial for reducing inflammation that could come from autoimmune diseases or arthritis, chronic pain, acute pain, injuries we can target a specific area on your body if it's sore or we can get the entire body through our whole body chambers.

For infrared sauna it's a little bit different, the main benefit is detoxing which also helps you lose weight and we also have others compression with blood circulation, halo therapy's more for respiratory conditions and our tea shock is really geared towards fat freezing, so we do have a different type of treatment pretty much for anyone.

[00:04:03.01] This is really cool, I mean this is truly groundbreaking stuff you're doing.

[00:04:07.03] Yes, a lot of this technology and therapies in general was taking from European countries, and bringing it to the United States and trying to keep again innovative and on top of all the new technologies that are out there. And frankly 10 years from now, cryotherapy the way that we deliver it now may be different and we always want to deliver the best and most modern therapies to our client.

[00:04:32.08] I'm interested by the fact that you said that a lot of this is coming from European traditions and things that they're doing, are they ahead of us?

[00:04:39.16] I like to think in terms of alternative medicines, absolutely. I would say even some types of medical procedures they are ahead of us, they're like experts in the field particularly on alternative medicine, say we are 10 years behind which is actually pretty spot-on for some of the therapies that were developed in Europe that I had brought along with other people to the United States about ten years later.

[00:05:15.21] Interesting. When I think about the way that we're eating in America compared to Europe, I mean we probably need to detox and get out this inflammation and everything because of the processed foods that are not approved in Europe, right?

[00:05:29.04] Yes, absolutely. I mean we spend an absolute fortune on health care costs in the United States, but yet our disease rates and our diabetes rates and heart disease rates are sky high compared to other European countries. We're spending a lot but the quality is not that great to compare to other, quality of life is not that great compared to other countries yes.

[00:06:00.24] Marie how did you get into cryotherapy in the first place?

[00:06:03.28] Well about five years ago I was working at the hospitals and mostly in the critical care section and a patient of mine had said that he had done the Cryo thing and that it's cured his back pain, and he's no longer on narcotics and being a nurse I was like yes, if it was that great it had to be all over the place. Anyway, I was interested, I just had a baby, I just went back to work, I was exhausted, and my hormones are all over the place, I did not feel good. I went on to this website, there was at the time one place in Manhattan doing whole body cryotherapy, it was owned by a Polish woman who had brought the technology over from Poland.

So I went down there and the minute I stepped out of the whole body machine I had not felt that good in a very long time, I was hooked right away. But what caught me is that the person that was administering the treatment to me, they couldn't tell me exactly what was going on with my body and I had the questions being a nurse. And I was why do I feel this way, why am I so energized and they couldn't really tell me. No needless to say I had just gone into my I think it was my second year, going into my second year of my doctorate program and I had to take a dissertation topic in a research study, so I ended up writing my research on cryotherapy.

[00:07:38.11] Well timing is everything, isn't it?

[00:07:41.08] I know. So I learned so much about it, I learn so much about that particular therapy in general and 99% of the research was again done in Europe and not in the United States and at the end of my program I knew so much about it and there was still nothing around aside this little places in Manhattan and I said you know what I probably know more than anyone I could just open my own, so I ended up opening my first location three years ago.

[00:08:15.01] Wow, and it's going well?

[00:08:17.20] Yes, it's going well we have a couple locations now and we're continuing to grow. 

[00:08:23.20] Can you kind of talk about what Cryo-T-Shock is?

[00:08:27.06] Sure, Cryo-T-Shock is a brand-new service that we just started launching last month. It's very similar people compare it to Cool Sculpting, however Cool Sculpting does the fat freezing, what Cryo-T-Shock does is also does fat freezing, also does cellulite reduction, toning and tightening and facials for anti-wrinkles, so there's four different functionalities of it. What Cool Sculpting does is uses high-frequency ultrasound to kill fat cells, what we use in the Cryo-T-Shock is thermal shock, which goes between heat and cold to kill the fat cells, and then there are different mechanisms and different thermal shock regimens as toning and tightening and the other three modalities.

The before and after are unbelievable, we usually do about five sessions on a client, it depends on how much that you have, what areas were focusing on and so forth. But the results have been absolutely tremendous; again a technology from Europe, from Italy actually that just came out to the market this 2018.

[00:09:45.27] Wow, as you're talking about this I'm hearing several different types of sessions here in America that we would have to sign up for and prepare for, I mean you're getting these all in one session? 

[00:09:58.01] Yes, so we're really trying to be convenient for people and cost effective, even our whole body treatment they're three minutes long. 

[00:10:10.29] Wow, you haven't seen my body Marie, I don't know about three minutes.

[00:10:18.08] But so the T-Shock is a little bit longer but the longest is going to be an hour. And yes we're trying to be as convenient and cost-effective as everyone, we are in New York you're the busiest people around even we don't have something to do with making. I would say about 90% of the people that come into our facility they're all walk-ins, they're coming in they're getting their stuff and they're getting out, so convenient yes.


[00:10:48.18] Wow, so who is your ideal clientele, I mean we're looking for someone who needs to lose a certain amount of inches because they've got a wedding coming up or who are we looking at?


[00:10:58.21] Actually the majority of people that come into our facility are in pain, and a lot of our services are geared around that and actually that's where I'm particularly interested and that's where I did most of my research on pain reduction and reduction of inflammation. And again most of our therapies are dealt around pain or some type of ailment that an individual have.

The only thing that's more in the aesthetics or beauty arena would be the Cryo-T-Shock, which are those individuals that work out all the time or that constantly go to the gym, had babies or didn't have babies but they can't move that extra inch and they're trying to get that off or tighten it up, that's what perfect client for us or people that do have a couple of pounds on them, that wants to lose, that are trying to kick start a healthy lifestyle, that's what we're here for.


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[00:12:49.19] I keep hearing you talk about pain and inflammation that is really interesting to me. How are you getting rid of the inflammation, what are your processes?


[00:12:59.06] If you get injured, what's the first thing you put on? Let's say you sprained your ankle, the first thing you want to do is put ice on it, if you want to reduce that inflammation into that area. So we take that concept and actually cryotherapy, Cryo means cold and therapy obviously is therapy. So we just use cold therapy and we deliver it differently and a little bit more effectively than say a traditional ice bath or an ice oxygen, so we use extremely cold temperatures, we go down to about negative -200, -250 degrees for those three minutes and the whole point of that is to stop your system to bring all the blood. Once blood leaves your extremities, particularly areas that have arthritis let's say your knees or your or your fingers or your hand, all that blood is leaving those extremities and going to your core organs.

Anytime blood goes through your lungs which it will because it's going to your core organs, it gets filtered with oxygenated molecules, that's how your body regenerates itself. So then when you step out of the mission, all that healthy, rich, oxygenated molecules are returning back to those joints and those areas that had inflammation, so that's the concept around whole body cryotherapy and which is our number one service here at our store.


[00:14:24.23] That is really cool. To be honest with you I mean it's foreign, I guess no pun intended talking about Europe, but I mean it's foreign to us. What is the biggest hurdle when you're trying to grow your business, is it the in-familiarity with it?


[00:14:40.00] Yes, the number one hurdle is certainly education. We have about a sixty percent retention rate because once someone comes in here and tries it, it's those people that are difficult or they hear that number negative -200 or I could never do that and oh it's too scary.

And what we try to do is number one educate them on the benefits of it, number two educate them on the actual process, so we try to answer all these questions on our website with either questions or videos, trying to make them understand that this is not something like skydiving or something that you need to work up to do. I mean our regular clients come in three to four days a week and this is their routine, so the number one hurdle to answer your question is certainly the education.


[00:15:44.02] What are some of the items that you sell in your office, I mean in your stores and everything, some take away things?


[00:15:51.06] Sure, so we just started launching CBD products, what we found was people were asking about it. Our clients were telling me that they've tried CBD products here and what do I think of them, which one do you think would be the best and it got me to research it, what we could do. So I actually started with about three products and I had about ten of each product and they sold out within two days. So then it made me realize okay maybe I should bring in more and why someone was telling me about maybe we should get this and maybe I should get that, so we started looking for the different companies and the different way CBD is [Inaudible 00:16:38.08] through your body.

And not only that, but we also got into animal CBD products and coffees and cheese and so now we have I would say thirty cubes of different products, different milligram strengths of CBD. And CBD is best known for reducing inflammation, pain and anxiety, which again it's perfectly aligned with what our client want when they come in to see us.


[00:17:04.26] Absolutely, it's a match; I mean for sure, this is a way that you can continue to care for yourself once you've left your session.


[00:17:16.23] Where do you see yourself in five years?


[00:17:19.05] So we have nine stores open right now, where do I see myself I want to see a Nordic edge in every town or every major city? More importantly I want people to have access to alternative therapies, quick and convenience, you don't have to make an appointment for a massage a week from now and try to sort out babysitting and get your kids, I want you to be able to like the fast food of alternative therapies come in, get what you need to do to feel better, reduce the inflammation in your body, bring your kids in and just be accessible to the mass public, I want to be all over the country with our brand.


[00:18:14.16] I think you've got a pretty good chance of that happening, it's a pretty neat product that you're doing. Let's talk about your Brooklyn location?


[00:18:21.09] Yes, so we are in the midst of getting permits, we have an expected open date of May 3rd, so that location is our big association. We're really looking at that as almost a mother flagship of our locations, completely branded and we're going to have probably double the amount of CBD retail products, different types of one they're a little bit more alternative or not alternative but more edgy than say some of our other locations would be Brooklyn.


[00:19:07.03] So we're trying to fit into the community and the best way to do that is for me to get out around Brooklyn more and introduce myself and trying to make connections and partnerships with other local businesses and the people in the community. So I'm really open and my ears our open for any advice or opinions that you guys can give me.


[00:19:32.28] And that's a good reason why you're going to be successful, because you're open to that, the coaching and learning. I'm excited about the Brooklyn location, what is the best way to book a session?


[00:19:42.17] Sure, you can book everything online, we will be going live with open booking for Brooklyn about two weeks before we launch, so look out about mid-April for that announcement. If you want announcements now and keep on top of what our company is doing you can just go to the website which is and sign up for our newsletter.


[00:20:06.21] And how can people spread the word about what's going on with you, I mean this is so different and unique with social media, your clients can do a lot of the work for you.


[00:20:16.19] Absolutely, again 80% of our referrals are all client based. Exactly what you said social media is huge for us, I'm actually looking if there's influencers in the community, please reach out to me personally on my email, it's just and I would love to host you at our stores and you can get different treatments and as long as you post and blog about it, it's all on me.


[00:20:47.10] Wow, that's very cool. Are there any specials or promotions, especially for the grand openings?


[00:20:54.24] We haven't worked with my markings team just yet on what those promotions are, but absolutely we're going to have a big grand opening party that night and probably the week after the grand opening, we'll have major specials going and specials on memberships and services in general, so we're really excited to get to Brooklyn.


[00:21:35.04] Well good luck, this is so unique and so special Marie you're going to knock it out of the park.


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