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May 8, 2018

Haim Shemesh is the co-founder of Sunlight Fine Rug Care & Restoration. A company that specializes in Oriental/ Antique rug, wool rug, cleaning repair & restoration as well as furniture restoration.

We discuss everything from how Persian handmade carpets are made to cleaning them and restoring them from bad stains and conditions. He’ll also share with us how to choose the best type of carpet fabric for residential as well as commercial use.


[0:22-0:44] Intro: Today we are joined by carpet expert Haim Shemesh.

[0:44-1:23] Tell us about yourself? I’m 42 years old. I came to U.S 18 years ago when I came to study acting, but ended up getting involved in the rug business and got fascinated by the oriental Persian handmade rugs.

[1:23-1:35] How long have you been in the rug business? Since 2003. I took a few years off then got back in 2006 which makes it 12 years.

[1:35-2:06] Tell us more about your fascination with the art and symbols in different regions and countries in the rug industry? It’s interesting to see the difference in the way they weave the symbols with different elements and technics as well as how they take care of them.

[2:06-4:42] How delicate are the rugs to clean? Persian handmade rugs are very delicate and need special soaps to wash them otherwise using regular ones may cause bleeding of the colors thus destroying the rug.

[4:42-6:10] what are the price ranges for carpet cleaning and caring? The prices are dependent on the condition of the rug. Some need more time and attention than others, but for a regular standard wash prices start from 150 dollar onwards.

[6:10-6:56] Do you do offers cleaning services to people outside Brooklyn since your based here? Yes we do. We have a pick-up and delivery service to clients around areas such as Queens, Hamptons, and long island, and for those far away we accept shipping.

[6:56-8:09] Do you also clean regular carpets? Yes. As a company, we don't only clean fancy Persian carpets, we also clean different types of carpets and do upholstery as well.

[8:33-10:39] What kind of chemicals do you use to clean the carpets? We use soaps and not chemicals that are green seal approved and that have a low pH value. This ensures that the carpet or rug maintains its color and texture after been cleaned.

[10:39-11:59] What’s the difference between residential and commercial clients? Residential clients are more sensitive to their carpets and rugs because they are more valuable compared to commercial ones.

[11:59-14:00] Who are some of your most famous client and places you’ve gone? One of the places I enjoyed the most was a church in Brooklyn where the Father had tapestry and rugs that I saw he really loved and had become quite dirty; that was an honor for me to do for him. Another one was Alec Baldwin who had a banana silk rug that was stained and after cleaning it, he wrote a review back to us and allowed me to post it on our website.

[14:00-16:15] What are some of the things to look for when buying a normal residential carpet? For a wall to wall, synthetic or plashet are the best but also keep in mind the color because some stain easily such as white and off-white. As for aerial rugs, choosing one that has been made from one fabric such as wool is the best when I comes to cleaning. For example, sisal rugs do not absorb the drying process very well and tend to leave water marks when they dry. Others to avoid are the overdyed rugs because once they are washed the colors fade off.

[16:15-16:45] What specials do you have for our listens here in the North east? At the moment we have a 50 dollar coupon and 10% off for new customers. We run promotions now and again too.

[17:38-18-24] How important are the customer’s reviews? It’s important for us because we want to know that we made our clients happy with the work we’ve done.


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